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Join The Network

The Africa Nature Solutions Trust has established the NbS Network to enhance importance of NbS and to scale-up their implementation in Africa. This network will bring together relevant stakeholders in Africa working on and/or interested in NbS. This network will bring together a community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the interface of climate change, nature conservation and sustainable development. The purpose of this network is

  • Share relevant NbS related research or project works to the broader NbS community
  • Enhance the conceptual understanding on NbS and take forward the actions towards implementing NbS related interventions

By joining the network, you will become

  • Part of the broader NbS community and be able to collaborate with other network members
  • Be able to showcase your work to the broader NbS network through sharing resources, presenting, and writing case studies
  • Collectively working to enhance the understanding on NbS concept and carry forward its implementation

 We welcome

  • Any individuals meet the above criteria to join the network as ‘Member’
  • Any Organizations to express their interest to be the ‘Partner’ in the ‘NbS Africa Network’

For those who are interested to join the ‘NbS Africa Network’ as a Member/Partner are requested to contact: